Chapter 605

Horace's eyes lit up as he briskly walked toward the storage cabinet behind his office chair. He opened the cabinet and retrieved a satellite phone from the inside. This phone was equipped with particular hardware to prevent outside parties from tapping in. It could be used to make calls without needing a SIM card. He quickly dialed his younger brother, Warner's, number. "Who is this?" "Warner, something has gone wrong on my end. Find a way to eliminate Rowan from Neon Photography Studio in the Jonford city center!" "Alright,” Warner agreed without hesitation. After hanging up the phone, Horace walked slowly to the window. He lifted a corner of the curtain and looked out onto the street below. A black van was parked by the roadside. He was unaware that Hunt had seen everything through his binoculars inside the van. ... Neon Photography Studio was located in the city center. A tall and handsome man was photographing a beautiful girl in a school uniform. "Open your eyes a littl

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