Chapter 60

No matter how much Hera tried to convince him, Nash remained indifferent. Hera was so angry that she rushed out the door, her eyes red. Nash sighed helplessly. Seeing that it was still early, he took his ID card with him to the bank to apply for a savings card. When he brought out his checks that amounted to 300 million to be deposited, a commotion occurred in the back. The president even came to the bank in his pajamas to receive Nash in person. By the time the transaction was settled, it was already night. Nash ate some fast food before returning to the villa where he took out a blood-stained napkin from his pocket. He carefully opened the napkin, and inside were two motionless white bugs. These were the two Longhorns that he had secretly hidden when he performed the surgery on Mrs. Watson. They were also the largest ones. One of them had feelers while the other had a single horn. Nash took out his push-button mobile phone, located a number, and then dialed it. "Oh, Nashy,

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