Chapter 642

“I know what to do.” Jupiter felt awkward. More than 40 of his colleagues died on the Green River Expressway. He wanted to avenge them, but his opponent was a behemoth like Dominic. Even Mr. Calcraft was defeated by him, let alone a chief inspector like him. If Dominic could infiltrate the bureau, he could infiltrate the Inspection Office. At least, he had sensed something fishy on Henderson's side. “Um… What’s her name?” Nash frowned. Everyone was holding their breaths in case they interrupted his train of thought. “Oh, right, Sydney, your grandfather’s birthday is today, right?” “How could you forget my name? I was looking everywhere for people who could help you!” Sydney gritted her teeth. She wanted badly to kill Nash at this moment. Nash chuckled. “I have too much on my mind, so that’s why I forgot. Please be more understanding of me.” Sydney sniffled and said, “Alright, I can forgive you for now.” Then, she asked, “You’re not attending his party anyway, so why do y

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