Chapter 645

Peggy spoke tactfully. “Alright then.” Nash continued to eat his food. Peggy was waiting for Nash to change his mind, but who knew that was what she got. “Are you like this to your girlfriend too?” Peggy sat down and asked. Nash ate his food and said incoherently, “Of course not! But you're not my girlfriend.” Peggy continued asking, “Are you the one behind what happened in Purple Church?” Nash lifted his head to look at Peggy and said with a grin, “What do you think?” After he said that, he grabbed his food to walk out. “Go and open up Cell 2 for me. I want to have a few drinks with an old friend of mine.” “Are you ordering me?” Peggy was a little mad. She was the prison guard, and he was the prisoner. Why was he ordering her? “Do you want me to escape again?” Nash stopped when he was at the door. “You wouldn’t.” Peggy huffed and walked over. At this moment, Nash was leaning against the door lazily. Since she locked him up, of course, he had to cause some trouble for

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