Chapter 680

Moreover, it was nighttime, so the highly-trained bodyguards started having goosebumps. “Do you think he’s a ghost?” Duncan had done many bad things, so he started to panic a little. “It’s Path techniques.” Boris grinned. “He should be a Golden Robe Heavenly Master. According to the Path takers, a Golden Robe Heavenly Master is about the same level as someone in the Mystique Loyalty Realm. "In terms of combat and skills, a Path taker can’t compare to a martial artist, but a Path taker’s advanced Path techniques can easily crush a martial artist. If they can obtain advanced Path techniques, someone from Mystique Loyalty Realm won’t be able to defeat them.” The Swordsman grabbed his Seven Deadly Swords from behind the sofa and huffed. “I don’t care who he is. If he dares to cause trouble here, it means he’s asking for death.” Boris grabbed The Swordsman’s shoulder and smiled. “Calm down. If he‘s here for Duncan, he can just walk in. The reason he asked someone to notify his arriv

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