Chapter 6

The process of changing the property deed’s title for Royal Bay still needed to go through a series of procedures. Hera planned to let Nash temporarily stay at her house. Ever since Grandpa’s illness became more severe, Harrison and his wife had been staying by his side. “Dad, Mom... I’ll head back now. Call me immediately if there’s anything!” Hera waved her hand out the window. Harrison nodded with his hands behind his back. Then, Lauren instructed Skadi, “Skade, drive carefully on the road!” Skadi smiled sweetly. “Don’t worry, Lauren. I drive very steadily!” Lauren noticed the bloodstains on Skadi’s teeth and the band-aid on her forehead, but before she could ask further, Skadi stepped on the accelerator and drove away. She frowned, and a frosty expression gradually appeared on her face. Seeing this, Harrison approached and asked, “What’s wrong?” Lauren took a deep breath. “It’s nothing. Hopefully, I’m just overthinking!” He smiled, then asked, “What do you think about this matter?” “If only you had half of Dad’s insight, you wouldn’t have allowed your older brother to bully you to this point! Lauren rolled her eyes at Harrison. Harrison sighed helplessly, “Next time, leave me with an ounce of dignity in front of Nashy!” She retorted, “When our daughter was getting bullied, you didn’t even have the guts to let out a fart. Now you want to talk about dignity?" After saying her piece, she added, "Miracle Doctor Tanner is returning to Jonford soon. Let’s have him take a look at Dad!” … In the northern suburbs of Jonford, which was also known as Northjon, were four large industrial zones. Each industrial zone housed dozens of small companies. The Lewises owned two medium-sized companies. One was Baroque Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. which was under Harrison’s name, and it was primarily focused on chip production. While the other company, Rococo Technology Co., Ltd. was managed by Hubert, mainly producing mobile phones. Herman was still the chairman of both companies. In the third industrial zone of the northern suburbs, there was a Baroque Technology branch with over a hundred employees. Hera was the general manager of this branch. Skadi parked the car at the entrance of the industrial zone and smiled, asking, “Hera, do you want to take your man to see your empire?” Hera looked at Nash through the rearview mirror and saw him sleeping with his head propped up. She shook her head and said, “I’ll take him home to get some rest first…” Skadi licked her lips, then said with a smirk, “Should I help you buy a few boxes of rubber?” “Is the factory running out of gloves?” Hera looked outside the car window toward her company. Skadi rolled her eyes, saying, “Come on! I was talking about condoms!” Hera immediately blushed and covered Skadi’s mouth, saying, “What... What are you talking about?” This best friend of hers was great in every way, except for being too carefree and saying whatever came to her mind. Although Hera had decided to be with Nash, they had just met, and it was too soon for them to have any physical relationship. Skadi chuckled. “You have a bachelorette’s pad with only one bed. You can’t make your fiance sleep on the couch, right?” “I… I can sleep on the couch!” Hera said, feeling flustered. She had never brought a man to her own place before and had not considered it much. Skadi giggled and drove toward Hera’s residence. After parking the car in the public parking space, Skadi handed the keys to Hera and lamented, “Now, someone else will protect you. You don’t need me anymore. I hope he treats you as gently as I do!” “Pfft… You’re my dedicated driver. If you give me the car keys, how will you go back? Are you gonna walk? Pick me up early tomorrow!” Hera did not take the keys. She opened the back door and nudged Nash gently. “Ah… Where is this?” Nash rubbed his messy hair and looked around with sleepy eyes. Hera whispered, “This is my place…” Nash looked at the residential building with more than 20 floors and exclaimed, “Your home is huge! Are you saying I can just become a landlord here and collect rent for a living?” “What? I’m only renting one apartment here!” Hera explained helplessly. Nash instantly looked disappointed. “My dream of collecting rent is shattered!” Skadi chuckled uncontrollably. “Nash, is your master very powerful?” “Of course, my master is as great as a Terrestrial Immortal!” “Wow, that’s impressive. Then he must have a lot of money, huh?” Skadi looked at Nash with admiration on her face. Although Nash was powerful, his skill in bragging seemed even stronger. After all, he was her savior, so she could not just expose him. “Um... My master doesn’t have any material desires. He donates all his money to build schools in the mountains. Before he left, he gave me ten dollars!” Nash explained in embarrassment. Skadi remembered when Nash took out those crumpled bills from his pocket, and a smirk appeared on her face. She knew very well that for someone as capable as Nash, earning money would be effortless. At this moment, Hera had brought Nash to the apartment. It was a fully furnished space of about 70 square meters. There was a gray carpet, a pink two-meter bed, and a fluffy stuffed toy lying on the bed. In front of the floor-to-ceiling window was a drying rack with a row of clothes hanging on it, including some intimate garments. The translucent pink underwear made from ice silk fabric was particularly eye-catching. Nash averted his gaze and secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. “I haven’t prepared slippers for you, so you can wear mine for now!” Hera said as she handed Nash a pair of spare slippers. She suddenly noticed that Nash’s face was turning slightly red. She immediately thought of something and quickly put away the intimate garments hanging on the clothes rack in her closet. Nash took off his worn-out size 43 shoes and changed into size 36 slippers, his heels jutting out. It was his first time entering a woman's house, and he felt uncomfortable. He sat on the sofa, feeling a bit at a loss. Hera handed a bottle of drink from the refrigerator to Nash and said, “Here... Drink it!” She was very nervous, even more nervous than when she announced to her grandfather that she was going to marry Nash. Nash took the drink, quickly gulping down more than half of it. Hera tried her best to restrain her inner nervousness and then carefully sat next to Nash. The two remained silent, and the atmosphere became awkward. Just then, Hera’s cell phone rang from inside her bag that had been placed on the coffee table. She awkwardly said, “I... I need to take this call…” Nash nodded and then took out a flip phone from his pocket. Upon opening up his contact list, he saw some strange names. Prince of the Sand Country. Beautiful Grim Reaper of the Gorgeous Country. Butcher of Dallard. Queen of Yerusia. … There were more than a hundred contacts like these! Hera took out her phone from her bag and glanced at it, immediately frowning. Without hesitation, she rejected the call. However, the next second, the phone rang again. Hera held the phone and walked up to Nash, handing it to him and cautiously asking, “Can you answer this call for me and say I’m not here?” Nash glanced at it and saw the name 'Hunter Hill' on the caller ID. He picked up the phone and pressed the answer button. “Hera! You finally answered my call. There’s a ball tonight, and I want you to accompany me!” “My wife is asleep!” Nash said casually. Hera’s eyelids twitched, and a blush crept up her cheeks. This… Was that not too straightforward? There was a clear moment of silence on the other end of the phone, which was quickly followed by a man’s roar. “Who the hell are you?! Why is Hera’s phone in your hands?!” Nash’s lips curled up slightly. “Hera’s mine, so go looking for another woman!”

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