Chapter 720

Nash used a thumb to wipe the blood away from his lips and chuckled as he said, “Your skills have improved rapidly in the six years we were apart, Eric. You’ve taken plenty of medicine, haven’t you?” The man was Eric Sands, one of Drakonia’s ten Golden Amulet Masters. The two had bludgeoned zombies together six years ago. Back then, Eric had only been a stage one great-grandmaster. Now, his skills had rapidly risen to peak Profound Reality Realm. It would not be as astonishing if a normal martial artist had cultivated their skills until they reached peak Profound Reality Realm. However, given Eric practiced both the Path and martial arts, his achievement of peak Profound Reality Realm was extremely impressive. Nash had gotten to where he was today because he had a wonderful master who had given him dragon’s blood and used various precious herbs in his cleansing. Contrarily, Eric’s master was a lesser-known practitioner of the Path. His skills and hard work were what led h

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