Chapter 726

“The Kennedys from Capiton?” Harrison’s pupils contracted and then he scoffed. “How could the heir to the Kennedy family come looking for me? I think it's someone from Innovate Collective here to cause trouble, right?” Ever since he heard from Hera that Clarke was causing trouble, he had formed a prejudice against Innovate Collective. When Innovate Collective e-mailed him to ask him for a meal, he chose to ignore it. He could always reject them later on. The guard said, “This guy has a purple Aston Martin one-77.” Harrison stopped. Aston Martin one-77? That was a top-notch luxury car that just launched this year. There were only 77 in the world and only five in Drakonia! Only the elite families in Capiton had the capital to buy one, right? Was it really someone from the Kennedy family? The guard lifted his head to look at Atlas and asked nervously, “Mr. Kennedy, the chairman is asking the reason for your visit." Atlas smiled and answered, “I’m here for business!” When Harr

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