Chapter 734

“Possessed?” Hera had a look of horror and uneasiness in her eyes. How did he get possessed? Atlas stood behind his master. When he heard what his master said, his expression changed. He did not watch Harrison put on the amulet his master made. When his master asked him to clean up the mess, he slacked off and only called Harrison. If something happened to Harrison, he would be in big trouble! Hera came back to her senses and asked blankly, “W-What should we do now?” Eric had a serious look on his face. “We should find him. Give me your father’s birth chart.” As long as he had Harrison’s birth chart, he could figure out where he was. “I’ll ask my mother.” Hera had no idea what her father’s birth chart was. Since she was worried about her father’s safety, she ran upstairs. After Lauren helped Melody relieve herself, she saw her daughter rushing upstairs. “Mom, do you know Dad’s birth chart?” Hera asked impatiently. Lauren was curious. “Why?” Hera said urgently, “Dad’s bee

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