Chapter 740

Hubert pushed both hands forward and stood up from the ground. Harrison tilted his head to look at the scarecrows on Hubert's body. Smiling coldly, he said, "I was wondering who it’d be. It turns out to be you, Eric Sands..." At this time, Peter had taken control of Harrison completely. The Penta Specter Curse was Eric's exclusive trademark technique. This was no longer a secret in the Path. Hubert smirked slightly. "Peter, challenge me to a duel if you're capable. What’s the point of using the Path to harm ordinary people?" Harrison laughed. "I never said I was capable. If you're capable, come to Duerson Manor to look for me!" Eric was famous in the National Association of Priests. He became a disciple of Clear Dew Court and learned the advanced Path techniques in just 12 years. At the age of 26, he created the Penta Specter Curse technique and became a Golden Amulet Master in one fell swoop. In terms of fighting skills, Peter was definitely not his opponent. However, as lon

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