Chapter 742

Kai carried Harrison on his back, and Atlas walked into the living room carrying Hubert on his back. Standing up, Eric gave up his seat. Kai and Atlas placed the two unconscious people on the sofa. "Master Eric, hurry and take a look at them..." Hera looked at Eric anxiously. Atlas said in a serious tone, "Master, their breathing is very weak..." Eric opened their eyelids and took a look. Their pupils were slightly dilated. "Prepare two bowls of white cider!" Eric walked toward the dining table while Hera went to prepare the cider. The man took out a small glass bottle from a bag, unscrewed the cap, and shook out some wheat. Returning to the sofa, he tossed the wheat into the bowl of cider and asked, "How's their alcohol tolerance?" Helena said, "My dad has pretty good tolerance. He could drink ten bottles of beer, no problem!" Lauren said worriedly, "Harrison doesn't drink well. He might get skin allergies from the white cider." Eric thought for a moment and said, "We sha

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