Chapter 785

Jesebel went over to help Winnie. Seeing the blood on her legs and the hickeys on her neck, she could imagine how rough Eric was last night. Winnie gritted her teeth. Her face was extremely red. Jesebel asked, “Are you going back to your room or—” “I want to see Eric!” Winnie gnashed her teeth together. Hearing that, Jesebel helped Winnie walk over to the dining table. “Eric, give me back my innocence!” Winnie glared at Eric and shouted. Smiling, Eric said, “You were the one who made the first move last night. I should be the one asking you to give me back my innocence!” “Shameless piece of shit!” Winnie felt so aggrieved she almost threw herself into Jesebel’s arms and cried. Right then, Atlas walked out of the surveillance room with his phone. He showed his master the video of Winnie coming out of her room last night. His phone was on the table, so Winnie tiptoed to peek at it. On the screen, she was seen walking out of her room. She looked like she was sleepwalking. She

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