Chapter 820

Yana had to attend to the children and could not guide Felicity. Instead, she got one of the neighbor's children to lead Felicity to Jaxon. The child led Felicity to a forest behind the village. The forest floor was covered with dry yellow leaves that looked like a carpet. After traversing through the forest, they finally arrived at a small wooden house. In front of the house was a small stream, with fields and mountains on the other side. "Mr. Jaxon lives in the wooden house ahead. He should be meditating and practicing by the stream now. Pretty lady, please don't disturb Mr. Jaxon!" the little boy reminded her. Felicity smiled and nodded. "Do I look like someone so rude?” The little boy chuckled. "I'll go back for lunch first!" "Sure. Thank you, little friend!" "No need to be polite!" The little boy bounced away. Felicity walked gracefully around the wooden house and reached the front. The crystal-clear stream flowed gently. On a large stone next to it was Jaxon, who was once

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