Chapter 834

Most of the students were just ordinary people who practiced self-cultivation. There were only a handful of them who could perform basic Path techniques, and an even smaller number had achieved the Energy Cultivation Realm. All of them were peeing their pants. Hundreds of students started fleeing. Caine appeared with a sword and shouted, “Big Dipper Formation!” Hearing that, the elders drew out their swords and followed Caine toward the ghoul overlord. Six elders lined up according to the Big Dipper stars. The Big Dipper Formation required seven people, but they only had six. Cillian held his sword and soared into the air. He turned around and fell into position, forming the Big Dipper formation with the other six elders. Then, the seven of them attacked the ghoul overlord at the same time. Outside the entrance, Duncan gulped and asked, “Master Peter, is the Big Dipper Formation powerful?” Peter replied with a faint smile, "The Big Dipper Formation is the most common formati

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