Chapter 925

A long time later, Fabian’s hoarse voice rang out from the other end of the line. “What happened in the country?” Nash explained, “It’s just like you said. We were off to save the world!” To many people, Jonford was their entire world. The ghoul overlord was a massive threat to Jonford, so it was not wrong to describe it that way. Fabian hung up the phone. Nash heaved a sigh and placed his phone on a nearby couch before he picked up his cup and sipped from it. Fabian called again after about ten minutes had passed. Nash immediately answered. Fabian asked in a low voice, “Is this because you challenged Bladesman Divus?” “That’s a complicated issue. I’ll explain it to you when I’ve got the time!” “Yeah, you should spend some time worrying about Universal Group. Don’t forget that you’re the head of Universal Foundation now. That position makes you eligible to compete for the position of president!” Fabian lowered his voice as he said that last sentence. “President?”

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