Chapter 946

Everyone fell silent as they looked at the pain on Philix’s face. Who would have thought that the tough man in charge of the North Army would have a soft side too? The girl at the convenience store rested her face in both her hands and said, “I don’t think feelings are that complicated. If you cherish the present moment, you won’t be left with so many regrets!” Stellar chuckled. “It seems like you’re still a kid.” “What’s wrong with being a kid? Do kids not have feelings?” the girl retorted in disapproval. Stellar was surprised. He did not expect an underaged brat to refute him. He disregarded her words, thinking that it was just a childish statement. “I think that the little girl is right. Cherishing the present is how we avoid regrets. If Wolf had cherished those final moments, he could have at least seen the birth of his own child.” Felicity had not gotten over the story, and her eyes were still teary. Stellar remained silent. There was a complicated look in his eyes as if h

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