Chapter 952

Nash shot his father a stink eye. He was the Warden of the Northern Territory. Could he not speak more properly? However, Philix did not notice Nash's expression and continued speaking to himself, "The Klein and Jackson families were once affiliated with the Young family. I suspect the main reason for their betrayal was also the Dream City." He paused, his tone turning serious as he added, "The Jackson family may not be difficult to deal with, but the Klein family is a bit tricky. They have a very powerful ancestor!" Nash nodded. "I've heard something about that, but it shouldn't be a problem. Give me some time and I'll make sure to take care of him!" Walking ahead of Nash, Philix fell into silence. He did not try to dissuade Nash this time as he knew he would, without a doubt, confront the Klein family. After a moment of silence, Philix said hoarsely, "My original plan was to retire at the age of 50 and then pursue the Klein family with the Heavenly Doors Association until they

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