Chapter 969

The remaining two Mystique Loyalty Realm experts also headed to the beach with Jaxon and Eric closely following. In the next moment, the beach descended into chaos. Sand swirled in the air as waves crashed violently. The sound of helicopters filled the sky. Dominic hurried outside the hall just in time to see heavily armed soldiers jumping down from a large number of helicopters. The villa was razed to the ground as dozens of tanks opened fire simultaneously. Members of the Green Bamboo Association who had managed to grab weapons before fired back at the helicopters. However, the well-trained soldiers of the Northern Territory Army were like tigers among sheep. In less than five minutes, the members of the Green Bamboo Association all began to drop their weapons and surrender. A cold voice came from one of the helicopters. "We're the Northern Territory Army, and we were ordered to eradicate bandits. Drop your weapons and surrender and you won't be harmed!" The booming voice ech

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