Never Let GoNever Let Go
By: Webfic

Chapter 1

“Simona,Simona” Simona Flores looked at the man lying on her and her clothes that had been taken off and thrown on the ground. Her smooth body touched the air and her skin was so cold that she could not help but take a deep breath. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She closed her eyes, hoping that everything would be better soon. Looking at her, Matthew Tyrone's eyes lit up. He couldn't wait to tear her clothes apart and put his hands on her. At this time, Matthew was different from before. He was like a hypocrite who took off his mask and suddenly became a beast. Just now, she had drugged Matthew's glass of juice. She couldn't stop her father from marrying Carole Tyrone, so she had to vent all her anger on Matthew. After all, he was Carole's son. But he was so excellent that his father thought highly of him and thought she was inferior to him in every aspect. The curtain of the French window was fluttering. She looked at Matthew lying on her body. The pain of tearing made her a little flustered. She suddenly regretted and shouted to stop, but Matthew had lost control. "Bang!" The moment the door was pushed open, Matthew just finished. He rested his chin on her neck. Hearing the sound at the door, he pulled the quilt beside and covered the two people. A trace of panic flashed through his eyes, but he quickly calmed down. When he was about to say that he would be responsible, Simona raised her hand and slapped Matthew, "you bastard!" Richard Flores didn't expect to see his daughter being raped by Matthew. Looking at Matthew, he was so angry that his hands were trembling. "Richard, what's wrong?" Upon hearing the news, Carole saw the two people on the bed. She screamed and then fainted. Matthew looked at Richard with his eyes wide open, and then looked at Simona who was pressed under him. His originally hazy eyes gradually became clear. “Simona——” He was naked on her body, and everything was enough to show what a panic and unbearable scene had just happened. Richard picked up Carole and looked at Matthew. The blood in his throat was too strong. "Matthew, get out of here!" The loud slam of the door made the whole villa tremble. Looking at Matthew, Simona suddenly stood up and hugged him tightly. She whispered in his ear, "Matthew, as I said, I won't let you take my father away!" After saying that, she bit the strong shoulder hard. Richard, who loved his daughter as much as he could, called the police directly. When the police arrived, Matthew had just put on his clothes and went out. He was hit by the ashtray thrown by Richard on his forehead several centimeters. The wound was bloody. Simona was stunned when she heard the siren. Regardless of the pain all over her body, she quickly grabbed her pajamas and put them on before running out. Downstairs. The police handcuffed Matthew's hand. He lowered his head and didn't say a word from beginning to end. The blood on his forehead had already flowed all over his face. When he arrived at the gate of the villa, he suddenly stopped and looked at Simona, who was standing on the second floor. He smiled coldly. Silently, he was like a snake, crawling into her heart. Simona's face turned pale. She ran to Richard and asked, "Dad, why... Why did you call the police?" She just wanted to drive Matthew and his mother away. She didn't expect to call the police! Looking at Matthew, who was taken away by the police, Simona couldn't help but feel a little flustered. "Dad, in fact, as long as we take them -" "Simona, it's my fault. It's my fault!" She wanted to say something more, but Richard's eyes suddenly turned red. He looked at her and kept blaming himself. Simona stood there with her mouth open, but she couldn't say anything else. Simona was in a daze for the rest of the time. She didn't expect that things would get so serious, and she didn't expect that Richard would insist on suing Matthew regardless of Carole. She had told Richard to withdraw the lawsuit and she wouldn't pursue it anymore, but Richard held her in his arms and said that he had wronged her. On the day of the trial, she sat on the plaintiff's chair and listened to the lawyers coming and going. Matthew, who was on the dock, kept his head down and didn't look at her at all. "Matthew, the defendant. On July 26th, 20XX, at nine twenty p.m., you and Simona..." "I admit that I raped her." At this time, Matthew, who had been lowering his head, suddenly looked up at her. His eyes were calm, but cold enough to make people tremble for no reason. "No!" Simona looked at him in disbelief. It was she who drugged him with juice to seduce him. Why? Why would he admit his crime? Simona couldn't figure it out, and Richard didn't give her time to think it through. On the second day after the trial, he sent her abroad quickly.
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