Polar OppositesPolar Opposites
By: Webfic

Chapter 1

"Have you changed your mind about going to the party tomorrow night, Julie?" Beth asked. "I don't know as yet." I said taking a bite of my Nutella sandwich. "Maybe." Beth sighs. "Please say yes. I can't go alone." Bethany Davis and I were currently in the cafeteria having our lunch. I really did not want to go the party, but I did not want to let my best friend down. I look at her and sigh heavily "Okay, I will go." "Thank you, thank you, thank you." She chants and I shake my head at her enthusiasm. Through the corner of my eyes, I saw Liam Black enters the cafeteria and went to buy his lunch. After buying his lunch, he went and sit at the far corner of the cafeteria by himself. Liam was always sitting by himself and he doesn't talk to anyone. I don't know, but the mysterious aura around him makes him a little intriguing. He didn't keep friends and no one took any interest in him. They just avoid him all together. He was good looking though, with his messy black hair and deep blue eyes. Why didn't he talk to anyone? Was he shy? Antisocial? Does he not like peo-? I was brought from my thoughts, when I hear Beth calling my name. I looked over at her. "Who were you staring at just now? You did not hear a word I just said." Beth accuses. "I am sorry. I was just staring at Liam." I said admittedly. "You mean the boy over there that keeps to himself?" She questions in surprise and I nod. "Don't you dare think about befriending him. I know you love to brighten everyone's day, but this kid is different. I have a few classes with him and believe me he doesn't want to be disturbed, I know." "I don't know, I just feel like I should do something." I replied. "If you think you must, but remember I warned you." Beth said. The bell rang and we both head for our next class. I was just turning from my locker when I jumped. Someone was leaning beside my locker and I gasp. I look up to see who it was. It was the hottest boy in school, Nate Benjamin. He smiles at me. "I didn't mean to scare you." "I-I-It's okay." I stutter. Oh my God, I can't believe he is talking to me. He was really cute with blond hair and green eyes. "Well, I wanted to ask you something." He said. "Oh, okay." I said simply, trying to play it cool. "Are you going to Matt Lanter's party tomorrow night?" He asked. "I was wondering if we could go together?" OMG!! Someone please pinch me! Nate wants me to go to the party with him? Like on a date? "Yes, I would love to." I said trying to act normal. He gave me his killer smile and winked. "Pick you up at 7. See you then." "See you then." I said and head to my class. I was going to a party with Nate Benjamin, one of the hottest guys in school. I was so lucky! "Oh my God! You look beautiful!" Screamed Beth. We were in my room getting ready for the party. It took three hours to get dressed and apply our makeup. And now we were both done and was looking at ourselves in the mirror. My long brown hair was curled and came down in waves down my shoulders. I had on light makeup of mascara and pink lipstick. I was in a white tank top with flowers on it and a black skinny jeans. I wore a white slippers on my feet. I have to admit, I looked amazing. "Yes, I know. You too." She smiles and looks at herself. She was wearing a red tank top blouse and black jeans. Her black hair was also curled and loose around her shoulders. She smiled "Yeah, but you are going to knock Nate off his feet." I roll my eyes. "I don't know about that." It was now 7pm and Nate was going to be here any minute. "I have to go, my ride is going to be here any minute." Beth said excitedly. Oh! Did I mention she has a boyfriend? She does and she is head over heels in love with him. I was really happy for them. I hear the doorbell, as we take up our jackets and went downstairs. My mom was at work, so I went to get the door. I open it to see Brian Stevens standing on the porch step. "Hi Julia." He smiles at me. "Hey Brian." Beth came up beside me and gave Brian a long kiss. "Hey babe, you ready?" He asks. "Yes." Beth said. Just then, a black Mercedes pulled up my drive. "That must be my date." I said. We went outside and I lock the door. Brian and Beth went in Brian's car and drove away. I went up to Nate's car, where he stood holding the door for me. "You look amazing." He said when I reach him. I felt my cheeks getting red as I looked down nervously. "Thanks." I said. I went in the car and he closes the door and went around the drivers' side. I put my seatbelt on as he starts the car and pulls onto the road. The car ride was silent for the entire journey to Matt's house. But it was not an uncomfortable silence. Fifteen minutes later, we pull up to the house. The party was already started and the place was crowded. I got out of the car when I notice that Nate was not going to pull the door for me. I look around the front yard where empty red solo cups were thrown everywhere. People were at the side of the house making out or on the lawn lying down already drunk. Loud music was blaring from inside the house. Nate came up beside me and took my elbow ushering me inside. Inside the room was more crowded and the music was louder. "Want something to drink?" Nate shouts over the noise. "Yes, thank you." I said, also shouting. He left and went over to the bar. I look around to see if I could spot Beth, but she was nowhere to be seen. Nate came back with a beer for himself and handed me a soda. "Want to dance?" He asked. "Sure." I replied. I still could not believe I was at the party with Nate Benjamin. We went over to the dance floor and started dancing to Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus. Nate was behind me and he put his hands on my hips and moved behind me. We danced for five minutes until I was tired. "Let's go somewhere quiet for a while." Nate whispers in my ear. I hesitantly agreed and we went into one of the rooms down the hall on the left. Nate closes the door and came up to me and starts kissing me instantly. I was shock and didn't respond at first and then I kiss him back. He put his hand on my butt and pulls me closer to him. He groans and remove his lips from my mouth and move to my neck kissing it. I gasped when he lift up my shirt pushing his hands under. I push him away then. He looks at me with confusion and lust in his eyes. "We have to stop, Nate." I said quietly. "Why? We were having fun." He leans over trying to kiss me again, but I back away. "No." I said. He looks angry and he pulls me closer crashing his lips on mine. I shriek and kick him in his jewels. Yes, I kicked him where the sun doesn't shine. He bent over in pain and look at me with anger in his eyes. "You little slut. Don't act like you are a virgin." He spat. I slap him right across the face and head for the door, slamming it behind me. I went into the living room looking for Beth. I spot her dancing with Brian. She was having fun. Not because my night sucked, I should ruin her night also, I said to myself as I head to the front door. Once outside, I decided to walk. My house was about twenty minutes away, it was no problem. Five minutes in my journey, it started raining heavily. The night was cold so I pull my jacket tighter around me. Great! What else can go wrong? I walk for fifteen more minutes in the rain that hadn't let up one bit and then I was home. My parents was not home as yet. My mom was still at work and dad was on another business trip. Thank God, because I couldn't deal with all the questions right now. I went upstairs and took of my wet clothes and went straight to bed. My teeth were chattering, so I bundled myself in my blanket. I just wanted to sleep and forget about tonight completely.
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