Chapter 1013

Anne did not dare to slow down, and she was scurrying. The road was relatively narrow, and the branches and leaves on the side of the road slid over her arms. Gradually, Anne was far from the house. However, it was not enough. After all, they were not blind and would surely chase after Anne when they noticed she was missing. How could Anne outrun them? The stick poked into a waterless pit before her, and she stepped over it. After stabilizing herself, she continued walking. After walking for ten minutes, Anne really believed she had walked quite a distance. The road was not wide, and there were fields on both sides. Some with cotton and some with mulberry trees. The lush mulberry leaves meant it was the season for rearing silkworms. Anne could no longer be seen around the house. After all, there were either trees or mountains here, and it was easy to get lost. The farther the distance was, the more steady Anne's footsteps became, and she was not as flustered as before.

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