Chapter 1015

Anthony's violin temper became increasingly intense, hovering on the verge of losing control. However, he kept holding back the feeling, and it was only by searching for Anne non-stop he could restrain himself. "Mr. Marwood, we didn't find anyone in the river. It's very likely that she was rescued," Ivan said. They first searched in the river until the end, but they still did not find her. This could only mean that she was not in the river. Ivan also hoped that his words could psychologically affect Anthony. Anthony looked at the distance of the river coldly. Where there were fields across the mountains, there would be villagers living there. "Let the helicopter check the villages along the river first." Anthony's voice was hoarse. "Okay. Mr. Marwood. Please take a rest. I'm afraid that you'll..." Before Ivan could finish speaking, Anthony glanced at him coldly. Ivan immediately realized that he should not try to persuade Anthony at all. It was just that he could not help ment

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