Chapter 1020

In the end, he forced himself to sleep for a while. He thought that he had slept for a long time, but when he woke up, the triplets were still asleep and only a little more than an hour had passed. The first thing Anthony did was grab his phone from the nightstand. No missed calls. He walked out of the bedroom and called Ivan. "Mr. Marwood, there's still no trace of her," Ivan replied. Anthony gripped the phone so hard that the veins on the back of his hand were popping and he almost crushed the phone. "Even if you have to turn the entire Luton upside down, you have to find her!" "Yes, Mr. Marwood…" Anthony's pant leg was gently tugged. He turned around and saw Chloe standing behind him while hugging a rag doll. Her little face was filled with grievances. "Papa, is Mama missing?" Anthony tossed his phone aside and picked up his daughter. "No. I'll visit her later and I'll bring her home with me. Have I ever lied to you guys?" Chloe pondered about it. "Really?" "Yes." Antho

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