Chapter 1022

"My dad said there's no need to treat a woman too well. If you treat her well, she'll bully you," said Pud, "if she's disobedient, it'll be alright after you give her a beating." Anne held her breath. What terrifying values. She was even more firm on leaving his hell hole. "I'll be obedient. After my body recovers, I'll give you a son," said Anne. "Great!" Pud clapped and was very happy. "This doesn't seem like the room I stayed in at first. Is that room next door?" asked Anne. "It's across from this room. It's just right for me to keep an eye on you so you can't run away," said Pud. "Do your parents head out at night? I'm scared to be alone at home," said Anne. "My parents don't leave the house at night. They will only go to the field to work, harvest mulberry leaves, and feed the silkworms." "Silkworm? I've never seen one before." "Do you want to take a look at them? I'll take you to have a look." "Alright." The old lady happened to enter when both of them stood up. "Wher

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