Chapter 1024

"My mom said that I have to keep an eye on you and I can't leave." Anne grabbed the stool underneath her bottom and threw it with her might in the direction of the voice. With a loud thud, it precisely landed on Pud's head. "Ah!" Pud let out a miserable scream, fell to the ground, and fainted. His eye still have not recovered but his head was injured again. Anne did not hear Pud's voice, so she touched him with the tip of her foot. Seeing that he did not react, she found her way toward the door. She found a stick by the door and used it as a white cane. She walked out of the door, turned right, and walked toward the mountain at the back by walking in the direction of the shed. The old lady and the old man returned earlier than expected… "Let's harvest more later. I'll first check out what Pud and that girl are doing…gosh, Pud!" The old lady did not see Anne but she only saw Pud unconscious on the ground. She then went to shake Pud. "Pud, what happened to you? Pud?" Pud opened

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