Chapter 1033

As she was at a loss for words, Anthony's thin lips approached hers, kissed her all over, and licked her small mouth. Anne turned her face away in panic. She controlled her tumbling emotions and said fiercely, "Do you want me to bite your lips off?" "You want to bite me? Hmm?" Anthony wrapped his arms around her waist, not letting her out of his arms. "Anthony, I'm begging you. Do you really have to torture me like this?" Anne almost broke down. Anthony gazed at her painful expression, and his sight seemed to sink slightly. His face did not get closer anymore, stopping at a distance. An extra bed was placed in the ward. Anthony stayed in the hospital, resting on that bed at night. Anne lay in bed, listening to the rhythmic sound of the pendulum clock swinging, and drifted into sleep. Anthony sat on the sofa. He did not want to sleep so soon. He gazed at her peaceful sleeping face quietly. When Anne opened her eyes the next morning, all she could see was still pitch black. S

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