Chapter 1050

Mia said, "Yes, Ma'am told me to allow Ms. Bianca to enter." "Anthony, I'm sorry. I disobeyed you and ran over here without permission. I knew you were not here, so I came here deliberately to avoid you..." Bianca figured her actions were justifiable. Anne heard it and fully understood Bianca's intentions. She was avoiding Anthony because she was having an affair with him so as not to make people suspicious! "Go back!" Anthony said coldly. As soon as Anne heard him say this, she stopped immediately. "No! She can't leave! She has to explain herself. Bianca killed my father, and she needs to pay!" As she said that, she was about to go forward to take hold of Bianca. She must not let her go! However, she could not see anything and lost her footing, her left foot tripping over her right foot. "Ah..." She was about to fall! "Ma'am!" Mia exclaimed. In the next second, a black shadow flashed past, supporting Anne, who was about to fall to the ground. Anne grabbed Anthony's

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