Chapter 1056

After that? Ashlynn suppressed her unhappiness and said, "You don't have to keep me on such a tight watch, do you? I am your wife. Where else can I go?" "I have a bit of time later. We can go to visit Anne together." Corentin said, and then he stood up, and went around the big working table to Ashlynn, "Now, I am thinking about being naughty to you." Then, his hand reached out to her soft tiny waist and pulled her in his direction. "No… This is the office," Ashlynn whimpered. "Told you I am naughty." Corentin pushed her to the couch. "Ah!" Ashlynn fell onto the couch, her two legs dangling on the armrest of the couch. Then, Corentin pounced on her like a wolf. Ashlynn's high heels shoes dropped onto the floor with a soft thud. Her shiny toes were revealed and were curling because of the discomfort. Corentin's behavior revealed the true colors of Salvatore. If this were the real Corentin, he would not have done something like this in broad daylight at the office! If Ashl

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