Chapter 1059

Ashlynn's appearance forced him to hand over the audio. After that, Ashlynn asked, "How is it? Can we prosecute Salvatore?" "No." "Why not? I can identify which was Salvatore and which one was Corentin," Ashlynn said. "They had never mentioned each other's name from the beginning to the end. This audio can only tell that they were brothers with a pretty bad relationship, but it cannot be the crucial evidence to prosecute Salvatore. I have met the current Corentin, and I think he is much more ruthless than the real Corentin and much smarter." Marco shook his head. Ashlynn was disappointed. In fact, she understood it deep down. How would it be so easily solved? She only wanted to escape her nightmare desperately, and so she was full of anticipation. Would Corentin suspect her if she were not pregnant the first month, but not for the second too, nor the third? How long could she use her excuse of not being able to conceive a child because of miscarriage? "Don't worry. He wi

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