Chapter 1071

Ashlynn rubbed Chichi's head gently. Chichi was still lethargic and dangled on her arm. It must have wished to stay by her side forever! "Chichi is strong. We will go home now." Ashlynn kissed its head and then made the payment and left. She did not keep Chichi in the kennel anymore. If Corentin were unhappy about it, she would beg him. Anyway, she would not allow Chichi to be handled by any other person. She entered the hall and saw Tina sitting in the living room, watching TV. She even had snacks in her hands. Tina saw Ashlynn hugging Chichi in her arms and asked, "You are back. Chichi is fine, isn't it?" "No. Please do not feed Chichi anymore in the future. I will feed it," Ashlynn said. "I will not anymore. This scared the hell out of me. Luckily it is fine." Tina acted as though she was traumatized. She was, in fact, regretting it deep down. Why did the dog survive? It was because she did not think that Corentin would do anything to her for a mere dog. She saw A

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