Chapter 1082

If others caught news of this, they might think that the heir to the Lloyd Group had fertility issues and soon, Corentin would become the laughing stock of the entire city. Corentin was smart enough to understand the risk, but just as she was certain that he would give up, she heard him say to the doctor, "Put me into a slot for the test." "Sure." The doctor went outside to make the arrangement. Ashlynn was still trying to process the fact that Corentin had agreed to take a fertility test, when Corentin pulled her into a certain room. "What?" She asked, "I thought you needed to give them the sample." When Corentin dragged her into the designated washroom, she immediately realized what Corentin was thinking and swiftly turned to escape. Corentin stepped on the door and slammed it shut. "We are alone here. There's no need to be embarrassed." "Do this yourself, Corentin Lloyd!" She roared. "I never do it myself." He pulled her closer. "You are my wife, so of course, you should be

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