Chapter 1097

Anne shielded her children and said, "Let's go." "Anne, what's the hurry- Ow!" Bianca wanted to stop Anne from leaving, but twisted her ankle and fell onto the ground, shouting, "Ow! My ankle!" "Are you alright?" Meredith went to help her up. "My ankle hurts. My bone might be broken. What should I do? Am I going to lose my leg?" Bianca wailed. Anne scowled and thought to herself, 'Can it be that bad? Are they really trying to scam us by faking an injury? We didn't even touch her...' "Hey, isn't that the piano goddess?" "I think so. What is she doing here?" "I think she hurt her ankle..." "Is that Meredith Hilton next to her?" "It really is her! Who knew we would meet celebrities like them here in a mall?" The people in the mall instantly swarmed them as they tried to get a closer look; some even took out their phones to take photos of Bianca and Meredith. Noises filled Anne's ears from all directions and she realized that they had been surrounded by fans. Her priority was h

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