Chapter 1105

Anne did not doubt Anthony's strength. After all, she had experienced first-hand how strong he was. Without saying anything, Anne turned and entered the hallway. In the evening, Anne accompanied the children to take a bath. After that, they played on the bed, and she had no intention of leaving. "Mama, are you sleeping with us?" Chloe was lying on Anne and playing with the bow on the neckline of Anne's pajamas, with two little feet up behind her. "You have to sleep with us!" Charlie put his arms around Anne's neck. "You can't leave!" Anne thought that Charlie's dominance was really similar to Anthony's. Then again, Charlie was Anthony's son. Who else would he look like if not Anthony? "Mama, can you?" Seeing that Anne was silent, Chris asked again. "Okay. I'll sleep here." Anne complied with their request. Just as she said that, the door was pushed open. Anne did not need to look to know that it was Anthony because the servants of the Royal Mansion had to knock before th

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