Chapter 1132

With the sound of the study door opening, Anthony came out and said, "Prepare lunch." "Yes." The housekeeper went down. He approached Anne and asked, "You're awake. Is it better?" Anne did not understand his moody temperament. Since he was worried about her injury, why did he treat her like that? Did he really not care about her at all when he did it? "Why aren't you talking?" Anthony asked a little more forcefully. "I don't feel anything anymore." Anne snapped back to reality. "Well, let's go back to Royal Mansion after dinner. Elder Lloyd has sent someone to bring the plane over. The children haven't seen you for two days," Anthony said. Anne nodded heavily, thinking of her children. After lunch, she took a Rolls Loyce back to the Royal Mansion. All the way, she was silent. When Anthony asked her a question, she would answer and nothing more. The atmosphere in the car was very depressing. When they arrived at the Royal Mansion, the three little ones were taking a nap. An

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