Chapter 1135

"Then it has nothing to do with me. I just want to own the Tianya organization. Why do I care about controlling other people's lives and deaths?" Corentin said with an inscrutable expression. After Corentin left, his subordinates went into the secret room and looked at Lilian. Lilian felt something was wrong. "What do you want?" "You're pretty. I like it very much. I've wanted to do something to you for a long time." His hands reached out to touch her face, pinching and rubbing it. It was very wretched. Lilian did not move. This man dared to touch her? She was already thinking about how to kill him. "I've already sent the people outside away. No matter how you scream, no one will hear you." He knelt down, kissed her face, and even touched her face blindly. Lilian got the message, which was to say, there was no one outside at this time. So, does this man have a knife or something? "Do you know… Indulging in sex is dangerous?" Lilian asked. Before the man could react, Lilian sla

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