Chapter 1138

A few minutes later, she went downstairs and saw a Rolls Loyce parked in the square. In fact, parking was not allowed on the square. However, Anthony wanted to stop. After such a stop, anyone who entered or exited the building would pay attention to this Rolls Loyce, which represented power. It made Anne look like a thief when she got into the car. Anne protested as soon as she got in the car, "Can you not stop here? Now everyone knows you are here to pick me up." After she finished speaking, there was an abnormal sense of oppression in the car. Anne's expression froze, especially when she met Anthony's deep black eyes. She thought she had said something wrong. "You're afraid someone will see me?" "No, I'm afraid others will envy me." Anne quickly answered. Anthony's eyes darkened slightly. "Come here." He clenched Anne's hands tightly and pulled her over. She sat directly on his strong thighs. Looking at Anthony at close range was a bit stressful. "This belongs to you, and

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