Chapter 1172

Too bad, Ashlynn betrayed him. Now, he could consider letting Ashlynn get away with it, for the kid. The phone on the nightstand lit up, but it did not buzz. Corentin picked up the phone and saw the caller. Then he went out to answer the call. "Come here for dinner," Cory said on the phone. Corentin hung up. He knew that it was more than a dinner. He asked the servants to keep Ashlynn on the watch before he left and warned that they would all lose their lives if anything happened. The servants naturally knew what to do. The black Bintley was parked in front of the mansion, and the butler went forward to open the door for him. He bowed and said, "Young Master, you are back. Elder Lloyd is in the study." He entered the study, and then tossed his coat onto the couch, and took a seat. "What's up?" "Can't I see you for no reason?" Cory took a sip of his tea. Corentin's long legs crossed. He was not having much patience to beat around the bush with Cory. He then refuse

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