Chapter 1178

"What do you plan to do?" Anne asked. "I don't know, Anne... I am pregnant. Corentin blocked all my ways out," Ashlynn said. Stunned, Anne muttered, "You are pregnant..." "He switched up my contraceptive pills and got me pregnant. Corentin Lloyd... disgusts me!" Anne could sense the despair in Ashlynn's voice and knew that Corentin's engagement must feel like nothing at all when Ashlynn was already so devastated. However, getting engaged with another woman when Ashlynn was pregnant was simply a horrible thing to do. "Don't worry about me. We have to look at the bright side, right?" Ashlynn added. On the day of the engagement party, Anne, Anthony and the triplets arrived at Athetin. Every guest was surprised when they saw the king of Luton amongst the guest list. The Hilton Family was more than pleased with the union. They had reserved the entire building of the best hotel in Athetin. The helicopter landed on the top floor. Once they headed down the floors and into the hall, th

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