Chapter 1184

After hanging up, Meredith could not settle down. She stood before a mirror and wondered how Ashlynn was better than her in terms of looks or figure. Corentin's obsession with a woman from the slum was the biggest insult directed at Meredith. Her phone rang again and she noticed Bianca's name on the display. Knowing what Bianca must be calling about, she picked up. "Bianca, what is it?" "Are you engaged to my uncle?" "That's right. I'm sorry. I should have invited you, but something happened, and I..." Meredith shuttered on purpose. "I know. Anne probably said something to Anthony or the Lloyd Family, or my grandpa or uncle would have invited me," Bianca said. It was a family celebration and the fact that Bianca was not invited meant that she was not being valued. "Congratulations, anyway," Bianca calmed herself and said. "Thank you. I like you, so I hope that this doesn't affect our friendship." "I won't. It's not your fault, anyway. It's Anne's fault. I want to warn you, tho

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