Chapter 1186

Anne watched as Bianca was restrained and reached her hand to show off the ring on her finger. "I bet you want this, don't you? It must feel horrible to watch someone else get what you've wanted your whole life, huh? So what? I got this with ease and I didn't even try. Maybe I can borrow it for a few days?" "Who wants to borrow yours?" Bianca's face twisted with rage. "Alright then, if you don't want it." Anne turned to head back into the car. "Anne Vallois, stop right there, you b*tch! You troll! You are disgusting Anthony by staying next to him! Anne Vallois..." Bianca cursed. Seeing how Anne was inside the car, the driver shoved Bianca aside and went into the car as well, closing the door behind him without hesitation. "Don't leave! Anne Vallois, you faceless sh*t..." Bianca darted over to kick at the car door, but the car swiftly moved backward. Startled, she stumbled and sprained her ankle. "Ah!" The car did not stop and disappeared into the distance. "My ankle..." Bianca w

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