Chapter 1189

Tommy could not help but look at Anne. He drove the car into the parking lot and after saying her goodbye, Anne got out of the car and walked toward the elevator. The elevator door closed slowly and was stopped by a hand that suddenly appeared. Anne watched as Tommy squeezed his way in and asked, "Why are you coming in?" "What, are you scared that Anthony is going to see this?" Anne remained quiet because Tommy was right. "His car isn't in the parking lot," he said. "I need to work. What are you doing here?" Anne wanted him gone. "I want coffee." Anne did not argue any further. Leonora was talking to her mother at the moment and lowered her voice. "I'm really working overtime. Why would I lie to you? I'm twenty-seven, can you stop with the curfew already? Anyone would laugh at me if they find out. Stop treating me like a child..." She spotted Anne walking over and said hastily, "My boss is back. I need to go." Anne reached the main door and Leonora hurried over. "Welcome b

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