Chapter 118

Anne realized something was not right in the car on her way back. She had no idea where Anthony was taking her, but this was definitely not the way back to her house. It was apparent what he had in mind… She had wasted a lot of time today, so how could she continue to stay out all night? "Can I take a break tonight?" She asked. "Oh, do you want the timeframe to be extended?" "No! I'm just exhausted. Wouldn't it spoil your fun if I'm exhausted? Plus, it's my mom's funeral today..." Anne was down, but does he even care? She was not spared on the day of her mom's passing either. She needed to be obedient to be free from him. However, not tonight. She could not leave her kids alone at home the whole night. "Okay," said Anthony gravelly. Anne was startled upon hearing his response and raised her head in disbelief. He actually gave in? "You still have half an hour left," reminded Anthony. She froze for three seconds and understood what he meant. This was her only chance. Rega

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