Chapter 1192

'Did Anne do this? How dare she? Who does she think she is, a princess?' Mia thought. She watched as Anthony went into the study room and followed Hayden into the kitchen. "Sir, are we preparing food for Mr. Marwood?" "Yeah." "I saw that Mr. Marwood was injured on his hand. Why don't I take over here and you treat Mr. Marwood's wounds?" "Mr. Marwood is injured?" Hayden had not noticed it. "Sure. Be careful, though." "Yes, sir." Mia took out a small flask and swiftly put a drop of the content into the soup once Hayden was gone. As soon as she was done, Hayden returned and said, "Are you done? Let's go inside together." She glanced at the first aid kit in Hayden's hand and suggested, "Sir, why don't I treat Mr. Marwood's wound? I'm experienced in that." Hayden shot her an odd look. "Mia, you have been quite proactive lately." "I'm not trying to take your job, Sir. I just want a bigger bonus," Mia said slyly so that Hayden would think that she was merely working to get more money

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