Chapter 1229

"Master, let this be the end! I'll do as you say from now on…Master, I don't want to owe Lucas anything. I've already owed him enough…" Lucas, who was curling his body and lying on the floor, swallowed the bloody taste in his mouth. "Anne, don't beg him! He is no human. You must stay away from him! Ah!" Anthony's gaze was cold as he scolded his bodyguards. "Are you guys weak because you didn't have enough to eat?" Therefore, the bodyguards hit Lucas even more aggressively! "Stop hitting him!" Anne got up and rushed over. However, she was immediately pulled back by Anthony. "Let me go! Stop hitting him! Stop it…" Anne was in tears and feeling extremely hopeless. She endured the pain and bit their tongue hard. Blood then came flowing out of her mouth. Anthony's body suddenly trembled, then he immediately grabbed her face and forced her to open her mouth. Her entire mouth was filled with blood. Anthony's expression was extremely cold. "Don't you dare!" "Let him go. Let him go…"

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