Chapter 1251

"You should have known that there was a problem at the mansion. Why didn't you notice it? Give me a reason." Corentin leaned on the sofa and looked at Owen. "I told you to keep an eye on the surveillance, did you?" Owen stood there straight, not daring to answer. "Owen, you're not a careless person." Corentin's voice dropped suddenly. Owen knelt down in fright. "Mr. Lloyd, even if you punish me today, I will never regret what I did! You should never have kept Ashlynn by your side, she is nothing but trouble, and she will be the cause of your downfall sooner or later! I received a call from a strange man who wanted to take Ashlynn away, and I...I..." Needless to say, Corentin knew what he had done next. Paul, next to him, was stunned. "Owen, you..." "Mr. Lloyd, you are the heir of the Lloyd family. Ashlynn is already in the past. You have already done her a favor by being lenient to her, and you should not keep her by your side..." Owen did not feel that he was wrong, and he

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