Chapter 1262

"Who's here?" Meredith, who had just woken up, came downstairs. Aunt Cher said, "Not sure. I think they might have entered the wrong residence." Meredith saw Ashlynn and immediately acted condescending. "Ashlynn, it's you. Why did you make my house filthy as soon as you arrived?" "Mrs. Hilton is the most particular about this, and I'm afraid she would be unhappy about this," Aunt Cher said. "Ashlynn, I give you a chance to clean up this mess." Meredith used a tone as though she was speaking to the servant. She saw Ashlynn did not respond and did not budge, then asked, "You seem unwilling to? Don't you want to be a Hilton? Can't you do this? It's a shame that my aunt had higher expectations of you! If you don't do it, I will get someone to make you do it!" Then, she stormed away. Aunt Cher placed the pail and the rag on the floor. "Do it! Don't you think you are here to enjoy life." Ashlynn was indeed not here to enjoy her life. She was forced to be here by Corentin to be humi

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