Chapter 1268

Beth's face was frozen, acting out of the ordinary. Marshall came back to see his wife's terrible expression and asked her caringly, "What happened? Are you unwell? Do you need me to get the physician over?" Beth shook her head. "Nothing big. I just need some rest." "Have a day off tomorrow, don't stretch it." Beth had something on her chest that she could not tell him about. She thought that it must not be the case. If that was not the case, then she did not have the need to tell him about it. The crescent birthmark. There could be not one… but two… or three… or even many people that have it. It must be a coincidence. In the middle of the night, Beth, who could not sleep, crept out of her room, to the guest room. She entered. She turned the night light up slightly and saw Ashlynn, who was soundly asleep. Beth walked closer. She looked at the peaceful face and asked herself repeatedly, would this be the daughter that she had lost for over twenty years? She reached

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