Chapter 1277

Ashlynn was taken to the room and noticed that the interior was drastically different from the guest room. She did not know how much the interior cost, but it was decorated in a welcoming manner. The overall color of the room was a lavender tone, including the curtains, with crystals draping over it elegantly. 'Is this really my room? If Jeremy didn't take me here, I would have thought that this was Meredith's room,' she thought. "Do you like it?" Jeremy asked. "Why... did you guys give me this room?" "We told you. You are a member of our family now. You will only be treated better than Meredith, not worse." "But why?" Ashlynn knew just how much Beth hated her and everything that was happening was beyond her comprehension; she even felt as though they were plotting something. "I'm the eldest son of my generation in the Hilton Family. What I say matters," Jeremy said confidently. Ashlynn doubted his words for a moment but accepted his explanation in the end, as the changes had i

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