Chapter 1287

She jolted as fear filled her face. Jeremy noticed her reaction. "Wait, really?" He said jokingly, not wanting to scare her. "Of course, not..." Ashlynn pulled her hand back, disgusted by the possibility of it being true. As soon as she returned to her room in the mansion, she hurriedly tried to remove the watch, but it would not come off. 'How is this possible?' She thought, 'Corentin seemed to put it on with such ease, why can't I take it off?' She kneeled before the nightstand and tried to cut the wristband open with a pair of scissors, but it still would not come off. "What are you doing?" Corentin appeared out of nowhere, his shadow looming over her. Her hands stilled as she panted, not daring to look up. He crouched and grabbed her by the wrist, before pulling forcefully. "Umph!" She was dragged up to look into his eyes; her upper body stretched in the kneeling position as he pinned her in place before him. "Who told you to take it off? Is it because you met with Jeremy

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