Chapter 128

"Then we've only randomized crime left, but I think the possibility is very slim. Your mother is not the only one who went to the City Garden, so why did they target her? This case is more complicated than we think," Lucas said. Anne's eyes were firm. "No matter how complicated it is, I must find that person." "Yes, don't worry." The car arrived at the gate of where Anne lived. "Thank you for sending me back." Lucas raised his wrist to look at the time and said, "The children should still be on their way at this point." "Yes. I'll leave now, goodbye." Anne opened the car door and turned to get out of the car. Something tightened around her chest, and found that her seat belt was still fastened. She blushed. Lucas looked at her and suppressed a smile. His eyes sank a little. Anne got out of the car and closed the door. Lucas lowered the car window. "See ya." "Alright, bye." Anne waved to him. Seeing Lucas' car speeding away, disappearing from the distance, she then turned aro

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